Alright, so here’s the deal:

This is a card game, meant to remain on your phone and not be re-enacted. You will not be compensated if you decide to re-enact these cards. Please do not attempt these things at home. We are not responsible for any ridiculous decisions you make.

For example:
Do not sleep in a room full of snakes for any amount of money. Because then one of two things will happen:

1. The snakes are harmed and that is entirely your fault.
2. You get hurt, which is also your fault.

We are not liable for any injuries you sustain should you (like a schmuck) choose to try physically re-enacting the cards. If the app is buggy and something crashes, totally our fault. Write to our support and we’ll get it fixed as soon as humanly possible. By connecting your accounts to play, you agree to this.

Get it? Got it? Good.